Carbon Dynamo Seatpost


To purchase a dynamo seatpost including a rear light, tensioning strap covered with heat shrink and male and female Coaxial Connectors contact us.



Designed to complement our range of carbon dynamo forks, our carbon dynamo seatpost has been engineered to withstand the rigours of ultra racing and is the perfect addition to any ultra distance, Audax, commuter or gravel bike.

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Our beautiful integrated solution

A small off-centre hole allows a rear dynamo light to be mounted on the seatpost with no cable visible for a super clean aesthetic and no more external cables or extra holes in your frame. Now your rear dynamo light can be integrated into your bike setup and run internally helping weatherproof your setup.
Choose from two versions with hole locations at 105mm or 120mm, see diagram below. The 105mm is better suited to frames with less exposed seatpost and compact or slimline saddle bags. The 120mm version is better suited to bikes with more seatpost exposed and smaller saddle bags.
If running a medium to large saddle bag the dynamo cable can be pulled out to allow the light to be mounted out of

the way of the bag but still in a visible location such as the back of the saddle if the saddle allows or the seat tube if the frame allows.

This seatpost has been optimised for Son Schmidt’s rear light with tensioning strap and will also work with Supernova’s Airstream Tail Light 2 and other seat post rear lights with cable diameters no greater than 3.9mm.

When paired with a dynamo fork, cables can be run through the downtube and up the seat tube, keeping all cables hidden. The dynamo seatpost is compatible with setups running Di2 batteries inside the seat post thanks to a two part rubber battery holder (included) allowing the rear light cable to run alongside the battery and into the frame.

An off-centre hole is optimised for Son Schmidt’s light.

A matt black finish complements our range of products.

Compatible with both 7x7mm and 7x9mm saddle rails.

Technical Specification

Colour                                                                      Matt Brevet Black

Seatpost Length                                                   350mm

Minimum Insertion                                              80mm

Recommended Light                                          Son Schmidt rear light for seatpost mount

Other compatible Lights                                    Supernova Airstream Tail Light 2

Hole Diameter                                                      4mm

Maximum Light Cable Diameter                     3.9mm

Layback                                                                   15mm

Diameter                                                                 27.2mm

Material                                                                  Carbon fibre

Suitable for 7x9mm oval carbon rails          Yes

Suitable for 7x7mm round rails                     Yes

Di2 battery compatibility                                  Yes, using rubber battery holder included with seatpost on request

Maximum Torque                                                6Nm

Weight                                                                     198g

Uses                                                                          Road & Gravel

Warranty                                                                2 years

Maximum Rider Weight*                                   105kg

*Maximum load must include rider weight, clothing and saddle bag combined.
This seatpost is also available in a non dynamo version. For more information contact us.

Compatibility & Installation

  • We recommend adding a quick release connector (our preference is for the Son Schmidt SON Coaxial Connector) at the top of the seat tube to enable complete and easy removal of seatpost and saddle.
  • Suitable for use with most saddles and will accept both 7x7mm round rails as well as 7x9mm oval carbon rails.
  • Tested with and is suitable for us with Son Schmidt and Supernova rear lights.
  • Please check the cable thickness of the rear dynamo light cable you plan to use. If the cable attached to the light is more than 3.9mm in diameter it is unlikely to fit through the hole in the seatpost.
  • A thin layer of carbon fibre paste is recommended when installing this seatpost.
  • Achieve the perfect saddle position and angle thanks to two finely adjustable bolts. Once the perfect position has been achieved simply tighten the rear bolt and follow the bicycle and seat clamp manufacturers recommendations for clamping the seatpost into the frame. We would typically suggest 6Nm is the maximum torque required with the aid of carbon grit paste.