ÆRA No. 1 Bottom Bracket


  • £230 – stainless steel bearings
  • £345 – ceramic bearings which get faster with use.


  • Brevet black anodised
  • Baroudeur Blue anodised

The bottom bracket is one of the hardest working parts on a bicycle. It has to endure countless miles of repetitive use whilst being exposed to a variety of weather conditions. This is why we created the ÆRA No. 1 bottom bracket, offering the very best UK designed and manufactured component to ensure that all of your effort is transmitted as efficiently as possible through to the drivetrain whilst also creating a beautifully styled and machined part that complements your bicycle perfectly.
Optimised to sit perfectly flush with J.Laverack’s Streamline bottom bracket shell design, but also suitable for any other frame, this bottom bracket also features a central sleeve which ensures that there is a barrier between any brake or gear cables and the spindle / axle of the chainset.

Available with steel bearings as standard or ceramic bearings as an upgrade.


English BSA standard

Weight: 88 grams

UK designed and manufactured

Designed for either Road or Gravel bikes

Machined from aerospace grade 7075-T6 aluminium

Machined 7075-T6 aluminium central sleeve

Machined 7075-T6 aluminium bearing covers

Suitable for 24mm spindle cranks

Stainless angular contact bearings

The perfect finish touch to any bespoke build

Easy to install

Super smooth

Beautifully finished

Looking after your bottom bracket

  • To extend the life of your bearings regular maintenance is essential.
  • Clean and repack grease every 2000 miles or every six months to a year
  • Inspect regularly to ensure ideal conditions are maintained.

Each ÆRA No. 1 bottom bracket central sleeve features a short tribute to the company that originally invented the BSA standard back in 1880’s.

“BSA” is short for Birmingham Small Arms, a British company whose core business was manufacturing light weapons. BSA moved into the bike business during the1880s as bicycles and cycling began to become popular in the lead up to the 1890s bicycle boom. The company continued to make bicycle components well into the 20th century, so the term “BSA” stuck.

Made in the UK

Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK, our top tier bottom bracket performs faultlessly in all conditions and is made in small batches.