A New ÆRA of Adventure

The spirit of adventure is something that we all inherently have, whether we know it or not. At ÆRA we all love to explore and think there is no better way to explore than by bike. ÆRA was inspired by our own adventures and exploration by bike on roads and tracks nearby and far afield, on less travelled and forgotten roads. It’s this appetite for adventure that led to our development of wheels and components that are designed to complement our ambitions on the bike and never to hold us back from exploring.


All of our products have been developed to offer the perfect balance of performance, durability and reliability, as well as an elegant aesthetic. The very essence of adventure is the unknown and this means being prepared for anything along the way. We place great importance on reliability and this means we make every effort to design our wheels and components to be as tough as possible whilst balancing this with performance and innovative design. Our adventures and experiences have led us to create products that we feel other adventurers like us would want to use.